Exclusive Cabin Hire

The Dragon now have available exclusive and private hire log cabins in our garden with views towards table mountain and table service! To Book click on the “book a table” button on our home page and select the Cabin option.

Our Cabins are heated, lit and are ideal for a birthday or special occassion. Cabins can be booked for the entire lunch service between 12-5 and evening service 6pm onwards. Our cabins also benefit from being exceptionally covid safe, you are within a safe private enclosed environment with only your own party for company.

More Information & Details:

Cabins are free to book and can accommodate 10 adults comfortably and parties of 12 are accepted but if 12 people are looking to hire the cabin we would advise at-least 2 or more of the party should be children. A minimum of 6 people is required to book a cabin.

Cabins are heated, lit, have access to a bluetooth speaker & food & drinks can be ordered from our team* or via the app to be served in your cabin. Cabins benefit from views towards table mountain.

Having a big night out?… Cabin Drinks Packages are available if you opt to pay an up front cabin charge of £50. You can benefit from 10% discount off a large selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks ordered via the app and therefore much or more than your £50 will be recouped!! Please ask staff for details.

*On selected days ordering may be exclusively via the app.

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